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Pittsfield Township is a Zoned Community

Below are the links for the Zoning Resolution & Definitions.  These documents are in Adobe PDF format. Other formats available on request.

Did You Know that anyone in the County that disturbs 1 acre or more of soil needs a  Erosion and Sediment Control Permit from the County Soil & Water per EPA Rules except agricultural interests.  Contact Soil & Water for more information or see:  http://www.lorainswcd.com/builderguide.html

Construction can not begin without this permit!!

 Zoning Changes:


Zoning Amendment 8-11-14-Minutes from that Hearing click here (Concrete & LED Signs) .pdf.......

 Ponds/Lagoons adopted 01-13-14 Click here for the text.... .pdf

Open Burning Document #1 State Code Adopted 04/18/11

Open Burning Document #2 State Code Adopted 04//18/11

Amendment-Authorizing additional powers to the BZA & Chapter 8 Enforcement Adopted 7/15/2013 by The Trustees

Wind Turbine Proposed Amendment .pdf document--Adopted 01/18/2010 by Trustees

New Temporary Sign Amendment Adopted By Trustees .pdf -Adopted 01/18/2010

 Zoning Amendments-Family Business Expansion & Flag Pole Regulations.pdf -Adopted 8/04/08 

New Zoning Amendments 2007 .pdf Effective 07/18/07 Family Business, Oberlin Annex Agreement Compliance, Private Bridges

Accessory Building Size Amendment 06/05

Zoning Definitions click here

Zoning Resolution click here

New Zoning Map.pdf

 New Zoning Map US RT 20 Only.pdf

Other Map formats available from Webmaster

Zoning Application




Deliver to: Rob Cecil Zoning Inspector

Township Garage, Pittsfield      Phone: 440-774-7223 email: rcecil@pittsfieldtwp.us


Land Use Plan 2002 Word Doc 


Land Use Plan 2002 .pdf Doc


Zoning Fees [htm]

Get Adobe Reader Here

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