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Pittsfield Township

Lorain County

Fical Officer Mandy Cecil


Mark Diedrick      Forrest Mohman         Mark McConnell


Pittsfield Newest Snow Fighter, a 2022 Ford F450 Heavy Duty Truck Powered by a 7.3 Liter Gas Engine, 4 Wheel Drive, Super Cab!
Truck is Equipped with a Stainless Steel Bed
Please stay at least 50' Back especially at intersections as they may be backing up!

Truck is equipped with a Western 10' Commercial V Plow

May of 2021
Town Hall Parking Lot Paved with Asphalt To Prevent Tar From Tracking in on the Floor and Was Enlarged to Provide More Parking.
Cemetery Trees Planted March of 2021 which replace the Pine Trees that had Pine Desease.
Pittsfield's New Service Building & Salt Bin, put into Service December 2017 & 2019 Respectively
Ditch Grader, Purchased 2020 with equal shares between Pittsfield, Huntington and Wellington Township. Majority of the purchase was provide by a grant from SWAK funds with minimal investment by each township.
Mini Excavator was updated in 2019 in which the old Mini Excavator was traded in on the purchase. This excavator is used for digging graves as well as ditch and tile projects plus other township repairs requiring a small how to do the work.
New Shultze Road Mower Purchased in 2020 replacing the old mower used to mow road sides and ditches in the township.
Kipton Nickle Plate Road raised to relieve flooding of the road, the project was done with funds from the States of Ohio Public Works Grant System and small percentage of Pittsfield's Roads and Bridge Funds.
Hughes Road Bridge was replace by the County replacing the old 1 lane bridge that was in need of replacing.
Whitney Road Bridge was replace by the county and put in service in the fall of 2021. The old bridge was condemned as the beams underneath the bride were  badly corroded. The bridge was closed for approximately 3 years.


Other Projects 


Various ditch & small road projects have been done!

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