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02/02/09 Pittsfield Township Trustees renew the membership for the Lorain County Splash Zone enabling residents for 1/2 price memberships! Over 100 residents currently have memberships at the Splash Zone.  -click here for more information  

Ralph Hayes Appointed Pittsfield Township Historian!

Ralph is a life long resident of Pittsfield and would like to restore some of our rich history. 

Help!--Ralph is looking for a few volunteers to help with the history of Pittsfield Township. If you have any old articles of Pittsfield Township and the people who have lived here give him a jingle. 

More Help Needed-- Ralph is also looking for volunteers to help restore Cemetery Stones & Markers.  If you would like to help with this project let him know!

Ralph's phone number is 440-647-2203 or email is hayes@kellnet.com

10/06 NEW- New Annexation Agreement between Pittsfield Township and the City of Oberlin...[Click here to download the agreement]




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04/14/03 Vet Clinic Reopens! After a January 2002 fire destroys Dr. James Cobb's Vet Clinic it is now open.  This was the first test of Pittsfield New Site Plan Review in the the Zoning Resolution!  Although not completely finished, the reviewed plan was reviewed for planning, building and landscaping. EPA, Wellington Fire Chief and Lorain County Health Health Department also review the plans. When Completed it will be an asset to Pittsfield Township!  Welcome Back!
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  New sign, flag & monument lighting. Click on picture to enlarge. 


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Trustees buy cow for park!  This cow is for the little folks at Pittsfield newly renovated park.  Bring the kids to ride the cow!


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3/1/01  Park Improvements-Pittsfield Playground Equipment is now in place and all but clean up is done.  This Project was done with funds from Pittsfield & Lorain County Recycle Fund.

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  Its made of 99% recycled materials.  

Bring on the Kids!!!


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3/01/01 New Back Stop for the Ball Diamond has been installed.  The Ball Diamond was also leveled and the weed were killed last fall.  The diamond is now ready for play!  Spring training will start in a few weeks!