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Pittsfield Township

Pittsfield is the largest of the county's 18 townships at 26.27sq. miles and has 19.65 miles of roads to maintain. Only three of the more populous townships (Carlisle, Columbia & Eaton) have more road mileage. The 1990 census showed 1546 residents which ranked 11th among Lorain County townships.

Pittsfield maintains two cemeteries, an attractive and very busy township hall, a recreation park, a recycling program and, like most other townships, has implemented zoning and provides zoning enforcement. A number of individuals give of their time for service on the zoning board and zoning board of appeals and other residents are partially compensated to function part time as cemetery sexton, zoning inspectors (2), township hall scheduling and upkeep, newsletter coordinator and part time road maintenance help. One individual is employed full time as maintenance supervisor.

The total budget for the township is slightly over $400,000 with $65,000 going directly to the Wellington Fire District and $7,700 to the Lorain County General Health District. All of the township services cost each township household less than $700 per year. A more detailed description of the township finances will appear in a future issue of this newsletter.

Pittsfield Township, like the other townships of Lorain County, provides numerous services of high quality for a very reasonable cost.